Scrimweek vs FaZ – Results

We won our scrimweek vs FaZ with a total score of 246:144 (Maps 9:1)!

From sunday (March 26th) to sunday (April 2nd) FaZ hosted a server for this closed tournament between the two of us.
The initial situation: 10 tracks to be driven in TimeAttack-Mode, hunting to the limit!
The mission: Drive the personal besttime on every track and gain Local 1!
The final result was pretty good 😉

We’ve created a little spreadsheet with all the important details and results of every map.
Just click here and scroll through it!

8 of us particpated vs 7 FaZs in 7 days of hunting and pushing and having a lot of fun.
Every team picked 5 maps each (ours: Speed, Nascar, Tech, Dirt and RPG).

pgg.Toasti was able to make it to the MVP with a serverrank of 3,0 followed by FaZ.Racerlight (3,5) and pgg.Bardmaster (4,5).

Thanks to FaZ for participating, hosting the server, the kind organisation and the common fun!

We’re looking forward for the next edition with even more people and fun 😉

– Adminteam PGG –


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