Scrimweek OVER

Bonfire    June 28, 2015    1 Comment on Scrimweek OVER

Our little event called “Scrimweek”, a hunting-week vs RH, ended today at 20:00 CET!

There was one time week for all the members of both teams to drive the best locals possible on 10 selected tracks (2 Nascar/Tech/Dirt/Fullspeed/LoL).
With up to 29 players overall the scrimweek was huge success! Both teams had a lot of fun.

In the end, we were able to win this event with a total score of 345:205!
Some new nice Dedi1’s and a lot of other good times were driven.

Thanks to RH for their participation in this week and good game!
Detailed results can be found in our spreadsheet.

Next sunday we’ll start a scrimweek with the same styles vs UC.
Stay tuned and enjoy the start in the week!

Bonfire – PGG Admin Team


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