Internal PGG-Match – Team Red wins!

To ring in the end of our summerbreak, we organized an Internal Nascar-Match this evening! Two teams, created with even skill-levels, used this evening to compete with each other. “Team Blue” and “Team Red” chosed 2 nascar-tracks each. These were driven until 7 points in teammode. On the first track “Nascar | Ghymkhana 2“, Team Blue (Dopamine, Tiger, Bonfire, Neon,… Read more »

Welcome, Valmara!

Bonfire    August 20, 2015    No Comments on Welcome, Valmara!

We are pleased to announce, that Valmara passed his trialtime successfully. Congratulations! He is now member of Project Gaming Germany and will be an enrichment for our team. Have fun and good luck on the road 😉 Bonfire – PGG Admin Team

Scrimweek 2.0 OVER!

Bonfire    July 12, 2015    1 Comment on Scrimweek 2.0 OVER!

Today at 8pm CET our second edition of a 7-days lasting hunting-week, called “Scrimweek” ended. This time, our enemy was UC and we were able to win this scrimweek again! If you are interested in the final results, you can find them here.  Additionly our matches-overview has been updated as well. Goob job to all the drivers who participated and… Read more »

Welcome, Colere!

Bonfire    July 1, 2015    2 Comments on Welcome, Colere!

We are pleased to announce, that Colere managed to pass her 2-weeks-trialtime. Congratulations! She is now member of Project Gaming Germany and will kick some nascar-asses in the near future, so be aware 😉 Have fun in the team and good luck on the road! Bonfire – PGG Admin Team

Scrimweek OVER

Bonfire    June 28, 2015    1 Comment on Scrimweek OVER

Our little event called “Scrimweek”, a hunting-week vs RH, ended today at 20:00 CET! There was one time week for all the members of both teams to drive the best locals possible on 10 selected tracks (2 Nascar/Tech/Dirt/Fullspeed/LoL). With up to 29 players overall the scrimweek was huge success! Both teams had a lot of fun. In the end, we… Read more »

Victory vs Linkin!

Bonfire    June 14, 2015    1 Comment on Victory vs Linkin!

After the end of PNE’s Nascar-SNC, our funspeed-squad started with a funmatch versus Team Linkin today! We played 4 tracks in teammode (4on4) until 7 points each track. We decided to choose own tracks, built by Cineon who created some really hard ones: “easy or Not!” and “easy or Hot!”. Linkin sent us “Trinity NE” and “UCCRYFORSPEED”. Starting the match… Read more »

We are SNC-Champions!!

We are SNC-Champions!! With a score of 28:13 our Nascar-Squad defeated Team Undercovergamers (UC) in sunday’s final-match of PNE‘s Spring Nascar Cup (SNC)! Razor, Lightning, Slayer and Morfius were UC’s Lineup throughout the whole evening. The tracks were played chronologically, starting with Nr.9: On “SNC 2015 #9-Firework” we started to gain the first point and after some really good rounds… Read more »

PGG reaches the SNC-Finals!

We did it! We won against Team PNE 1 this evening with a score of 28:8 and reached the SNC-Finals! After some starting-difficulties due to lineup-problems we started the match at 20:05 a little delayed on PNE’s matchserver. We drove the track chronologically, so we started with “SNC 2015 #9 – Firework” where we did pretty good. With an insane… Read more »