Internal PGG-Match – Team Red wins!

To ring in the end of our summerbreak, we organized an Internal Nascar-Match this evening!

Two teams, created with even skill-levels, used this evening to compete with each other.
“Team Blue” and “Team Red” chosed 2 nascar-tracks each.
These were driven until 7 points in teammode.

On the first track “Nascar | Ghymkhana 2“, Team Blue (Dopamine, Tiger, Bonfire, Neon, Colere) was the clear favourite and able to take the win home with a score of 7:5.
The second track, “PGG.Spectrum” made all of us fail a lot, even though it brought a lot of fun on teamspeak 😀 Here, Team Red (Aras, Toasti, Engul, Razor, Valmara) won it with a score of 7:5. Now, that the halftime was reached with a score of 12:12, the last second tracks were driven even more intensively and with a high level of concentration!
After some amazingly close rounds, Team Red won the third track “Cart Event #001” with 7:6 and made the decision of who will become the winner today, pretty exciting.
On the last track Team Red also made it and took home the win of this submatch on “Nascar >Blues<” with a score of 7:4“!
With a total score of 26:22 Team Red  was able to win it.
Congratulations, guys! Great job!

Team Blue did a good job as well, here is no looser this evening; we all feel well prepared for the upcoming post-summer-events and upcoming matches now!
Such matches are really funny and we all benefit of this 😉

We are looking forward for the next big event, which will be FaZ’s Primetimecup, so stay tuned for more information and PGG’s results 😉

Bonfire | Admin Team

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