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  • In the beginning of 2015 our team has grown even more and we recruited some more players to strengthen our team.With this team and we participated on PNE’s Spring Nascar Cup 2015. With a total score of 168:37 and 6 matches (undefeated!) we did win the final match vs Undercovergamers and took home the prizepot of 50.000 Coppers.
  • During the year, our team became even more international. With special focus on nascar players, the team contains members from Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland, Swiss and the Netherlands now. Sadly, we needed to part with some inactive/uninterested players as well.
  • We started our campaign of the monthly TrueTalentCups (pgg-members only) to find “PGG’s True Talent” every month again.. to be continued in 2016!
  • With some more recruited players since 2015 we got a lot really good nascar-drivers right now. All these players, mainly those who are part of our team for years now, and these tournaments gave us a boost for what we are today: A common familiar team with a lot of fun and the ambition to do always the best you can.


  • In september 2014 we participated in DDE’s 24h-race and were able to finish it in 16th place (45 teams were participating).
  • Today, our main-style is Nascar and Bonfire took the lead at Project-Gaming-Germany.
  •  The whole nascar-thing started with our participation in NJoy’s Formula 1 seasons in 2012. In mid of 2013 we started taking part in Nascar Racing Team’s Nascar Racing League together with Team Wolfsrudel. Some of our current drivers were part of this team as well. Most of us had a lot of fun in driving nascar-tracks and we realized, we weren’t that bad. At the end of the season we finished the tournament in team-place 6. First was Team NRT, followed by BW and Stigmata.
  • As a penalty half our team got banned from the server because of naming ourselves “STI | Coscos” in last race of the year, which was not allowed, but brought a lot of fun to us and even more confusion to the league’s admins. As a punishment, the ban was also given to Stigmata’s Aras, Ben and Coscos.
  •  Naming this a “stroke of fade”, we decided we could create a good team, putting those three and our nascar-drivers Michi, Cineon, Toasti, Impact and Bonfire together in our team Project Gaming Germany.
  •  At this point, we decided to drive Nascar as the main-style. We hosted some funmatches against teams like Burning Wheels (BW) and Nascar Racing Team (NRT). Some more nascar-players joined our team and we became stronger and stronger.
  • Some months later, in september 2014 we were able to win ESL’s Nascar Summer Team Cup vs. NRT. Additionaly we participated in ESL’s 1on1 Nascar Championship, where Aras and Coscos were able to reach places 1 and 2 in first division. In same year’s NRL we took the second team-place and ranks 2 and 3 for Bonfire and Aras after end of the season. Besides, Toasti and Bonfire were able to win ESL’s 2on2 Nascar-Speed-Cup vs. Team Legends in the finals.
  • At the end of 2014 some of us participated in Team Legend’s Speed Fun League (SFL) in TM² together with some Linkin-players, formed to “Team Wayne”, who was able to beat Team Legends in the Finals and become the first Speed-Fun-League Champions.


  • In February 2013 the first season of NJoy’s Formula 1 started and we participated here as well and drove the tournament every week until end of the year, which brought us a lot of fun.
  • In March/April 2013 the 6th edition of ESL’s Speed Premiership (SPS6) took place and we were part of it! Qualified through the group stage we had to face Team Easykiller in the playoffs and lost the match. In the looser-bracket our enemy against physX (apX) needed to show us again, in the end we were not ment to become the SPS6-champion.
  • One month later, in May 2013 we drove our first tech-tournament, the Competition Premiership 10 (CPS10), finishing it in 4th place of the 5th division within 7 other teams. Another tech-tournament, the Trackmania Tournament 5 was finished on 3rd place in groupstage, which ment we were out of this tournament.
  • In september 2013 we showed some good performance in the Fullspeed-Cup” iDFTC”: 2nd place in groupstage, in quarterfinals we luckily won against iGn.eSports but needed to leave the tournament before the semifinals due to some lineup-problems.
  • In November 2013 we gave ourselves another try in the CPS12, finishing it on 4th place again (5th division and 8 teams as well)
  • In next year’s edition of CPS (CPS13) some of us were active as “guestdrivers” in Team Easykiller, where we reached the 1st place in 5th division, which made the Easykillers climb up to Division 4. Today, eK is driving in first division among with teams like Dignitas, Acer or BX3.


  • Based on the big hype about Battlefield 3 and our enthusiasm we got our first Battlefield-Server in January 2012. But for some members, this was to less. They were missing playing Trackmania in a team, so Impact decided to reintegrate the game to our Clan-Life. He built up the team again and one month later we had our first own Trackmania-Server. This action could be called the “hour of birth” of our actual Trackmania-team. We drove our first funwars at the beginning of 2012.
  • As a consequence of this, some more members joined our trackmania-squad, who are still part of the team. Our main-style was Fullspeed, next to some Tech. The team turned to a “Trackmania-only-team” more and more, so we launched our second private Trackmania-Server.
  • In August 2012, Impact officially took the lead in Project Gaming Germany, beside of Cineon in his role as the Co-Leader. Sadly, just 2 of us were still playing Battlefield, so we decided to let the two of them join a companioned team, closed the Battlefield-section and were able to concentrate on Trackmania even more.
  • Next to our first impressions of having a funwar, we started organizing some internal events, our so called “PGG’s True Talent Cups”, an internal championship.
  • In Juli/August 2012 our main-style has been still Fullspeed, so some of us took part in ESL’s 1on1 Speed Ladder. Everyone had a lot of fun, so some of us decided to participate in Xeon’s 6h Race in September 2012.
  • One month later, in October 2012 we reached our first huge success. Our team was able to finish team Blacktown’s Speed Laps Competition (SLC) in first place and received a lot of Coppers and a profile-tag. We realized, we had a lot of fun in playing together and driving fullspeed-tracks, so we signed up for another Fullspeed-tournament, the UFC. Sadly, we did loose in our first Playoffs-match vs Aurora Racing (AR).


  • In April/Mai 2011 the team participated in the Battlefield 2 Champions League, finishing it as first of the group, but needed to leave the tournament after loosing on quarterfinals. Participating in a lot of Battlefield-Tournaments the team always showed a good performance.
  • Trackmania has been added to the list of Clan-games in August 2011. Instead of Moneymaker in a mainrole, Cineon took the lead now and got supported by Banane (today: eK.Banane) as a Co-leader.
  • In the same month we changed our team’s name to Project Gaming Germany and played Trackmania more and more. Some recruited players are still part of the team, until now. One month later our team created a public Facebook-Page and in October Battlefield 2 had to leave the list of Clan-Games due to the freshly published Battlefield 3, which has been played among Trackmania for a while.
  • Subsequently we got some more Battlefieldmembers and played Battlefield 3 only. In consequence of that, nearly nobody did play trackmania, except for Cineon and Banane. That’s why the Trackmania-squad has been closed in November 2011 and the two players switched to Team Easykiller (eK).

Start in 2006

  • Our team was founded as TgS (Tiger Springfield) in 2006. Main-game was Battlefield 2 and none of us knew Trackmania at this time. The team was under the lea of Moneymaker and Cineon as Co-Leader until August 2011.

    Go for Fun! Go for Wins! And let’s go for a successful future!

    Go Project Gaming Germany!