First Video – Welcome Remav1c

Remav1c one of our new members made a video about our team and trackmania. In this case we like to welcome his membership.

As it is his first experience with the ingameditor the video turned out pretty good.

Give him thumbs up on the work to see more to come.

We really appreciate the time and effort Remav1c put in the Video and we like to Thank you for the hard work.  As a Team it´s always nice to stay intouch with Videoeditors to represent the Team.

Keep up the good work and keep on uploading more Trackmania.

Thanks alot


  1. Remav1cRemav1c

    Thanks alot my friend 🙂 Awesome to see the feedback from other Trackmania editors and players in the community. Thanks for the welcome and I will do my best to make awesome content throughout the year!

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