Dopamine wins the Primetimecup!

The Primetimecup is over and it’s been PGG.Dopamine who was able to win this tournament!

He defeated FaZ.Fluff and UC.Razor in the grand final on past sunday and received the #1-prizes: 22 Steam-games, 16.000 Coppers and Trackmania Turbo!

Since only the participants know how it felt to be part of this final, here’s a short statement concerning the maps and the final itself, written by the winner Dopamine:

I had a great match and the start of the final was awesome. I rode pretty solid in the start, and won the first two maps (if i remember correctly xD). Then i did some mistakes in the next maps, but i didn’t lose. I’m pretty sure i had a lead like 12 – 6 – 6, when rounds mode was over.
Now it was TA, which we all know is Fluff’s special thing. I won the first one, and extended the lead, but the next 2 or 3 maps he won. Now the standings were closer than before, i still had the lead though. The first endurance map (30 laps), i had a good start too, but bugs and drift screwed me up, and i finished 2nd.
The standings between Fluff and me was something like 12 – 13, i was leading with 1 point. So it all came down to the last map, and i drove it pretty easy without many mistakes, and finished 10+ seconds in front.

Thanks to the PTC-team for organizing this tournament.

Congratulations from the entire team, we are very proud of you!
You did a great job and deserve it 😉

Your success is now part of our “achievements-wall”!

See you all at the next news 😀


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